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It took a while, but we should be back in Internet with our updated Homepage. And - good news - we got plenty of Webspace are hosted at a very fast Server and will be able to handle it more dynamically.

For the European (German speaking) community we have now the Website (meaning = main entrance).




                             There might be some URL's of interest:

  • Vienna's Christkindl-Market

  • famous Christkindl post-office


    22-October-00:  WEB-cam added to homepage. When online one of three images (X-Y-Z) will be updated continuously.

    11-June-00:  WAP-homepage checked and re-done. Should work now (look for 2 images, 2nd WAP-deck), everything OK here - weather extremely hot now -

    30-May-00:  we have added <test 2> a provision for a web-cam (same soft-web-cam we now can use with Netmeeting 2.11). Some <links> have been added, click on images. important-looking email-addresses <contact> added.

    14-May-00:  Susanne & Floris enjoyed to be able to visit their friends in the US again after 2 years (Floris) and 11 years (Susanne).

    Email-form added at button <contact> ; should make an info-exchange much easier ... please try it out.

    13-Apr-00:  We got a WAP (wireless application protocol) homepage too, to be reached by specific WAP-cellular phones.
   (redirecting to ...)


    Floris cancelled the CompuServe account; please see "contact" for the actual email accounts.

    We got NetMeeting (2.11 and 3.01) to talk over the internet (see "contact" for account to dial)

    05-03-00:  These days there is Carneval ("Fasching") is in Austria, we ought to make life more crazy than it is ...

    ... me too

    17-02-00:  GRETZMACHER-family-data have been uploaded to the "member only" area.
                    a Java-Game has been added to the "test-1" area, we hope y'all like this version of

    03-01-00:  Please click on "family"-button and then on Floris' picture and see some peculiar variations of   the theme.

    02-01-00:   The current political situation in Austria encourages us to give our comment:

    please click on image to enlarge it and get an english interpretation

    Floris remembers having learned in US-civics class:

    QUESTION: "what is politics ?
    ANSWER: "politics is the science of good government"
    (Mr. Richards, Andrew Lewis High, Salem Virginia 63/64)